revolutionize the way Your company thinks about knowledge retention and succession planning.

When employees retire or leave the company,  loss of their significant knowledge and expertise can decrease the company’s value –  a major succession issue.

With AnotherYou,  companies virtually clone their experienced experts, ensuring that valuable knowledge can be leveraged for years to come.


Imagine cloning Yourself

executive man

and your best employees
with full knowledge & experience!

A seachange in user experience comparable to the touchscreen interface of the iPhone when it was first introduced.

3 Distinct Solutions for Business Knowledge Management

  • AUV1 – perfect for companies looking for an OTP protected cloud to store their internal operational documents.  With secure access and ease of use, your team can stay organized and informed, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. 
  • AUV3 – for advisors looking for a client-focused AI chatbot experience. With its knowledge base stored in the GPT3 private cloud, you’re getting the latest and best information on any topic but focused on your company niche to serve your clients’ needs.
  • AUV4 –  a comprehensive internal AI chatbot with vast and extensive expert knowledge.  Pass along expertise skills and unique company knowledge within your organization.  Your password-protected cloud database ensures that your proprietary information stays safe and secure.

No matter which AnotherYou product you choose, you can trust that you’re getting the ultimate in digital knowledge management.  We’ve got you covered.  Try us out today and experience the difference for yourself!

Your Business Should Never Lose
Valuable Knowledge and Expertise

Solve The Problem

Another You is a revolutionary solution that allows companies to create digital clones of experts using a Language Model (LLM) to mimic employees thought processes and use of language.

LLM Leverages Expert Knowledge

Another You provides companies with a powerful resource by combining the power of a Language Model (LLM) with the curated knowledge base for years to come.


The Power of AI

Businesses can now benefit from being able to generate customer queries, staff knowledge and procedural content while incorporating user feedback at every stage. Customers perceive technology to be more respectful of their privacy and have no hidden motivations, making it an advantageous strategy for businesses to support AI-generated content to support this perception. 

Because machine-generated information is developed to be objective and is based on data and mathematical algorithms rather than the subjective judgments of humans, it is not vulnerable to human prejudice.


trustworthy, Credible & Dependable

Using LLM
to Answer Questions
and Provide Insights

AnotherYou leverages Language Modeling to accurately answer questions and provide insights that closely mimic the expert’s thought process and style.  This technology also allows for continuous improvement of the knowledge base as new information becomes available.

  • An AI solution way beyond chatbots.
  • Answer customer questions immediately with your unique knowledge. 
  • Empower a mediocre salesperson with the skills of your best salesperson.
  • Create instant answers instead of Operations Manuals that never get used.

ready to keep the value in your business?
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Revolutionize the way Your company thinks
about knowledge retention and succession planning.

Your customers and your staff trust you to maximize their experience.

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