A secure AI database that uses your proprietary knowledge and experience

Answer any business question instantly

In context AI chat that adds your company offerings, philosophy, strategy, history, and the  experience of your best employees (even after they leave).

Quick easy responses

  • Staff or customer focused
  • Answer customer service questions 24/7 without staff
  • Undertake staff training without human prejudice
  • Quick accurate printable responses for users
  • Consistent policy decisions
  • In depth research & reports in an instant

Comprehensive & Fast

  • Constantly improving
  • Find answers buried in your documents or the internet
  • Draw on past sales that worked
  • Compliance alignment
  • Succession planning
  • Value add to your business

100% AI Generated Video

You could be running a travel business, selling electronics, or consulting around sports, cars, legal or accounting and any other services. Another You will create an AI that will learn about what you do, your business philosophy, and engage with your staff or customers for you 24/7.

Old technology chatbots were based on decision trees – rigid FAQs. But Another You actively engages in truly meaningful conversations with customers and employees.  Our advanced natural language understanding, intent recognition, and integration ensure that customers and employees receive personalized and immediate solutions across all service channels.